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Qualification is played against Poland, the Federation sends hooligans to Qatar

The situation in Group C of the World Cup is quite turbulent as Poland leads with four points and Argentina and Saudi Arabia follow with three points each, while Mexico ranks at the bottom.

The last challenges in the group will be decisive, especially for Argentina and Poland, who together will share the qualification, but also the team that will take the first place.

The most favored are the Poles, who have the possibility of two results to ensure qualification, while on the other hand, Messi and his friends need three points in order not to remain dependent on the result of the Mexico-Saudi Arabia match.

For this reason, as a very decisive match, the Argentine Federation is doing its best to help the team on the field and recently, its leaders have committed to travel to Qatar from Argentina even those who are considered hooligans or extreme ultras. The Latin American Federation, which has often fought such groups made up of people with criminal records, is now cooperating with them with the aim of creating a fiery atmosphere in the stadium to give heart to the decisive 90 minutes of the team in field.

In fact, some of the ultras were also in the match with Mexico where Argentina won 2-0 and the difference could be felt in the stands. Therefore, for the most important match of the World Cup so far for Argentina, the Federation supports and trusts the ultras to give a “hand” to Messi and others aiming for glory in Qatar.


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