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Why are around 127 million people in the world at risk of dying from global warming?

This year, very high temperatures have been recorded in many states, even after the end of the summer season. According to the latest report by health experts, foreign media say, rising temperatures on Earth could drastically increase the number of heat deaths per year.

Experts advise that people should be educated more about the climate. In this report made public some time ago, it is said that the changing temperatures “are threatening the foundations of human health”.

If you take the statistics of annual heat-related deaths, you see a drastic difference in different periods. For example, from 2013-2022, this negative phenomenon has grown 85% more than in the period 1991-2000.

According to Grist, lands affected by drought combined with heat endanger 127 million people in the world.

The study also warns that approximately 525 million more people could be affected by the lack of food due to the heat wave as well as the spread of various viruses.

It is emphasized in the report that the overheating of our planet is mainly driven by the use of dirty energy sources, such as oil, coal and gas. “Since last year, investments in fossil fuels increased and oil and gas giants further expanded their activities. Since the signing of the Paris Agreement (in 2015), private banks have increased their lending to fossil fuel companies,” it added.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Earth’s temperatures have increased at an accelerated rate since 1981, and the 10 hottest years have been recorded since 2010.

But how much is public health threatened?

A number of countries, local governments and companies are already taking steps to reduce the use of gas vehicles or switch to clean energy such as solar and wind.

The 28th United Nations Conference on Climate Change, which is taking place in Dubai from November 30 to December 12, decided to hold “Health Day” on December 3.

Ramon Lorenzo Luis Guinto, director of the planetary health program, hopes that in future conferences health professionals will be included in the discussions and effective policies will be created.



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