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Here’s why you can see the Moon during the day: Experts explain this unusual phenomenon

How often do you find yourself looking up at the moon and wondering what it’s like up there? What was it like for the men who walked on the moon? All of these opinions are legitimate, especially the last one. However, it seems that extreme conspiracy theorist Steve Peters (Stew) is unaware that the Moon ever appears during the day, which apparently surprised him.

He shared images of the moon against a bright blue sky with the comment: “This full moon comes out in the middle of the day. It shouldn’t happen.” Maybe Steve should do some research on the natural satellite as it is perfectly normal for the moon to appear while the sun is still shining, despite his claims. Although we may be inclined to believe that the Moon only comes at night, this is simply not true.

The Moon is always present, as are the stars and planets, but we usually don’t see it with the naked eye during the day because of the light from the Sun. However, the Moon does not “turn off” after nightfall. The moon does not produce its own light; it comes from the Sun and its surface reflects it day and night. During its orbit, the Moon goes through four main phases, and when it waxes and wanes, it approaches the Earth, which allows it to darken the daytime sky.

Sarah Noble, a planetary geologist and NASA scientist, explained that the Moon actually spends “almost as much time in the sky during the day as it does at night,” as noted on NASA’s YouTube channel.

In her explanation, she noted that the Moon shines so brightly that we can see it during both parts of the day, located in the “right part” of the sky. It all depends on how close the Moon is to Earth, what phase it is in, and how it orbits our planet. Weather conditions and season also play a role in whether we can see it during the day or not.

Noble went on to explain, “During a full moon, the Moon is opposite the Sun in the sky, which allows us to see its full face reflecting sunlight. As the Earth rotates, the Moon rises at about the same time as the Sun sets, but only for one day a month. In the days before the full moon, you can see it in the eastern sky in almost full glory before sunset. And on the days after the full moon, if you look in the western sky, you can see the moon setting after sunrise.



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