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Why the world is facing so many disasters nowadays?

Nowadays the world is facing more disasters and these should normally have an explanation either from science or from religion.

Nowadays some countries are going through unpleasant situations from earthquakes, some places from fires, some places from floods and some others from tornadoes but what unites us all is the pandemic as the world has now called COVID-19 that is not it is taken away from the mind of this humanity that in many countries of the world governments have forgotten the right of the individual to choose for his choice in terms of vaccination.

We were chosen and decided to share this question with you and each of you is asked to comment on this blog his opinion regarding the above issues and an opinion about the vaccination of people by force.

Your comments are welcome and will be read with great pleasure by our staff and by all the other people who will read this post.

Thank you!



  1. All these catastrophies happen for a reason, the reason behind is the the human race, their greed to have more and more and never getting satisfied with what they have has caused all these phenomena. As time passes all signs of the last hour will happen and nothing and no one can stop it.


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