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“It doesn’t make sense”, X removes the ‘Block’ option

Platform X will remove the blocking option for its users. According to Elon Musk, this option “makes no sense”.

However, users will still be able to block someone from their messages. Many people have reacted and stated that this will make it difficult for abusive posts to appear on their homepage.

The only option users can apply to these posts is “mute”. But an account that has this command applied to it by a user can still see the latter’s posts and comment.

The concern of the platform members is that this will not be enough to protect against cases of harassment, abuse and stalking.

Removing the “block” option may also violate the rules of the App Store and Play Store. Both platforms have terms stating that social networking apps must have options to filter out harassment and bullying.

This may cause X to no longer download on these platforms.

If Musk goes ahead with his plan, it’s not known if it will automatically unlock all accounts that users have blocked.

They can turn their accounts private making posts visible only to the people they follow.



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