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Never ignore this iPhone sign

All iPhone users should not ignore two symbols of their mobile phone. Ignoring these signs can damage your iPhone’s battery or completely destroy your phone.

It is about 2 yellow triangle symbols inside which there is a watermark.

If any of them appear, it means that the iPhone has fallen into water. Apple’s latest handsets are water resistant if submerged for 30 minutes.

But care must also be taken. Thus, the first yellow triangle writes that “charging is impossible”. Next, the same warning will appear again, where it is written “there is water in the charging area”.

This means that you should disconnect the mobile phone from charging and wait until it is completely dry and there is no presence of moisture.

If you leave your iPhone charging while the water has not completely drained from the device, you may permanently damage the battery or cause other damage.

So you should be careful and don’t ignore these cell phone warnings.

If they appear, disconnect from the charger and any other device connected to it via the plug, and wait until the mobile phone is completely dry. To achieve this, place the iPhone in dry places. The process of extracting water from the charging site can take up to 24 hours.



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