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Things to do to escape if you are in danger of sinking into water with your vehicle

No one wants to imagine being in a car wreck situation, the very thought of it is terrifying.

However, accidents happen and if you find yourself in this situation, you will need to know how to escape.

The best chance of surviving a sinking car is to get out before it is completely submerged.

This means you have a maximum of one minute to get out of the vehicle safely. Here’s what you should do.

Take off your seat belt and roll down the windows within seconds of hitting the water.

Swim out the front windows or the back windows if you can open them.

If the windows do not open, the only other way is to break the window with a special device. You don’t need to be strong to break the window with that device, but you need to do it quickly.

Do not try to open the door. You will not succeed because of the pressure on the door and you will only waste time and energy.

Facts about sinking cars

Most car electrical systems will work for a few minutes after being fully submerged, however waiting to roll down the windows is dangerous.

Depending on the weight of a vehicle, a vehicle will float between 30 and 130 seconds before sinking.


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