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Here’s how to restore a deleted conversation on WhatsApp

Maybe before you deleted a conversation with your friends by mistake and could not get it back, and why you regret it. But today we will show you a way to bring these conversations back in a few simple steps.

Recovering deleted messages becomes even easier if you have enabled WhatsApp back-up before deleting these messages. Just re-enter the saved WhatsApp data and the deleted messages will be restored.

Additionally you can also recover deleted messages via Google Drive if your WhatsApp data is stored in this app.

How to back up your WhatsApp messages on Google Drive:

Open WhatsApp and select More Options
Go to Settings, and then select Chats
Click Chat Back up and then Back up to Google Drive
You will now need to set the backup frequency for a new site.
Decide on the backup frequency and choose your email address
Select backup over and select the internet you want to use for backups
The backup will start
How to recover deleted messages from Google Drive:

If your messages are backed up to Google Drive, then you’ll need to delete the app and reinstall it on your smartphone.
Log in with your WhatsApp number and it will be automatically detected that you have data stored on Google Drive.
When asked if you want to restore old messages, select Yes and your deleted messages will be restored.



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