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Typhoon Noru hits the Philippines, causes 5 casualties

5 rescue workers in the Philippines have been killed by a typhoon that has left homes flooded and millions without power. They lost their lives while conducting operations in the district of San Miguel north of the capital Manila.

Some residents were trapped on their roofs, while others tried to escape by wading through the water. Noru, known locally as Karding, initially made landfall as a super typhoon but later weakened at 9.20pm local time on Sunday. He is expected to leave the Philippines on Monday evening.

In San Vincente, a village in San Miguel, a resident was seen on video trying to clear the water from the door of his apartment. Meanwhile, another on top of the roof shouted that the country’s leaders should focus on climate change.

The floods in the village reached their peak around 05:00 in the morning, while it is known that the water density is falling.


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