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Tsunami in the desert! Earthquake in Mexico causes waves in the “devil’s hole” in the USA

A powerful earthquake that shook Mexico this week was felt further afield, causing a “desert tsunami” in the middle of Death Valley. 

Waves of up to 1.2 meters of water crashed around Devils Hole 22 minutes after the quake struck.

Seismic energy reached the water-filled limestone cave in Nevada. The phenomenon, which is known as a turbidity of the waters, also disturbed the underwater species.

Unlike an ocean tsunami that produces giant waves, this phenomenon was confined to a geothermal vent known as Devil’s Hole in Death Valley National Park.

The water-filled cave is vulnerable to seismic waves, and luckily for National Park Service staff, they were in the right place at the right time to see the effects of the earthquake.

They immediately took out their phones to film the rare moment.


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