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The Chinese survivor is found 17 days after the earthquake in China

Gan Yum, who was lost in the mountains for 17 days after an earthquake in southwest China, has been rescued.

The 6.6-magnitude earthquake struck Sichuan province on September 5, killing 93 people and injuring more than 400.

Gan Yu stayed behind to help others at the hydropower plant where he was on duty, but then as he tried to save himself, he tripped over rough terrain and lost his glasses. He was found alive, but injured.

Gan and his colleague Luo Yong stayed behind at Wandong Hydropower Station on September 5 to provide first aid to injured colleagues and help prevent flooding. They then tried to leave, walking about 20 km (12 miles) into the mountains surrounding the plant.

As rescue teams searched the area for survivors, the 2 colleagues tried to signal for help, but to no avail.

Finally Luo went to get help, leaving Gan lying on a makeshift bed of moss and bamboo leaves and some wild fruit and bamboo stalks to eat. Luo was found on September 8 after using a fire to attract the attention of rescuers. But by the time his colleague’s hideout was found 3 days later, Gan was no longer there.

Rescuers discovered only clothing and believed he may have died of hypothermia.

This week a farmer who lives near the plant joined the search, using his local knowledge. After a few hours he heard Gan’s cries and found her under the tree. Rescue teams later arrived at the scene and took Gan to a hospital, where he received appropriate medical treatment.


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