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How Google wishes Independence: Happy Albania

The internet search engine Google has released the logo of the Albanian flag waving in the blue sky, thus wishing all Albanians the Independence Day.

“Today Doodle celebrates the Independence Day of Albania. On this day in 1912, the Albanian congress gathered in the city of Vlora and voted for the declaration of independence from Ottoman rule.

The celebrations start in the capital of Tirana where the President and the Prime Minister participate in the flag raising ceremony. Featured in today’s artwork, the national flag of Albania features a red background with a black double-headed eagle in the center. The flag was first flown on this day in 1912. On Independence Day, it is placed on balconies, windows, and even carried by people as a symbol of national pride.

The city of Vlora is also a favorite holiday destination. Albanians visit the Independence Monument in Flag Square to honor those who fought for freedom. Built by renowned national sculptors Muntaz Dhrami and Kristaq Rama, the monument depicts the famous leaders of the Albanian independence movement.

Happy Independence Day Albania!”, wrote Google.

It has already become a tradition for Google to congratulate Albanians on their Independence every year by placing the Albanian flag on the homepage.


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