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The number of victims after the tragedy in Ischia reaches 8

After the landslide on the Italian island of Ischia, eight bodies have been found so far, including a newborn of only 22 days, while the search continues for the other 5 people who are missing.

Search and rescue teams working on Celario Street have identified and extracted the eighth flood victim. It is about a man whose identity is not yet known.

The number of evoked people has reached 230 people who have been accommodated in hotels or with their friends and relatives.

The Italian government took measures by declaring a state of emergency for a year and allocating two million Euros in aid. The decree issued by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s government also provides for a suspension of tax payments for residents until the end of the year.

These images show the buildings destroyed by the landslide and the incalculable damage it left behind.

According to official data, the island has a large number of houses that have been built illegally, making residents more vulnerable to floods and earthquakes that have frequently hit the island in recent years.

The tragedy on the island has reignited controversy over the granting of permits for illegal construction in recent decades and the reluctance of some politicians to address the issue.


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